Valders Fire & Rescue

The Valders Fire Department was organized in 1918 and started operations at this time with a hand drawn chemical engine. The first truck was housed in the blacksmith shop on Washington Street, which was operated by Arthur Thiel, the fire chief. The first truck the Fire Department owned was a 1921 Ford Model T pumper truck.

In October 1928, the department was reorganized and headed by Arthur Thiel as fire cheif. A new pumper truck was also purchased at this time. A universal Nott 400 gallon-per-minute pumper was purchased from the W.S. Nott Co. of Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Thiel served as chief until 1930.

In 1930, Norman Torrison was appointed chief of the department. Under his leadership, a 1954 Ford-Melray 500 gpm pumper truck was purchased to replace the 1934 Ford-Pirsch, and in 1967, a Ford-Melray 750 gpm pumper truck was purchased to replace the 1928 Nott, which was retired to use as a parade vehicle. Also under his leadership, a used tanker truck was purchased to haul water for rural fire fighting, and in the early 1960's radio equipment was installed to give the department complete radio communication and dispatching.

Sometime around 1954 the Valders Volunteer Fire Department having some difficulty raising funds to pay for equipment approached the Valders Village Board about the village taking over the fire department. The fire department then went from a volunteer department to a municipality owned department.

Under the direction of Chief Erickson the village purchased a 1959 Chevrolet station wagon which served as the first ambulance/police car. The women's auxiliary ran the ambulance. In 1964 the 1959 station wagon was replaced with a 1964 Ford Station wagon. Chief Erickson served until his retirement in 1969.

In 1969, William Wiegert was appointed fire chief. Under his direction the department expanded their EMS operations. In 1969 they purchased another Chevrolet station wagon, which replaced the 1964 Ford station wagon. It served as the ambulance/police car until 1974, when the department puchased a van-type ambulance, meeting all state and federal criteria. In 1975, a new GMS tanker truck was purchased to replace the existing tanker. In 1977, a new Ford-Pierce diesel-powered 1,000-gpm engine was purchased to replace the 1954 Ford Melray pumper, this being the first diesel-powered pumper in Manitowoc County.

In 1978, the "Jaws of Life" hydraulic rescue tool was purchased, also a first for Manitowoc County. In 1981, a second ambulance, a Ford-Horton modular type, was purchased, giving the department two ambulances to better service the surrounding community. In 1989, a new Pierce-Arrow 1,250 gpm engine was purchased to upgrade the department.

In 1991, a new Ford-Lifeline ambulance was purchased to replace the 1974 van-type ambulance. Also in 1991, a GMC Suburban vehicle was purchased to be used a combination rescue and command vehicle.

In 1994, a new Ford-Lifeline Ambulance was purchased to replace the 1981 Ford-Horton Ambulance. In 1999, a 1997 Freightliner tanker was purchased to expand the department, and in 1999 a Ford-Marion F-450 was purchased to replace the Suburban to carry expanding rescue and extrication tools. Chief Wiegert retired in February of 2000.

In 2000 Daniel Esser was appointed Chief. Under his direction the Department has purchased a 2000 Ford-Lifeline ambulance to replace the 1991 Ford-Lifeline. In 2005 the department purchased a 2005 Pierce Pumper, to retire , the 1977 PierceEngine #31, and a 2005 Ford Med Tech Ambulance to retire the 1994 ambulance unit, our current list of equipment is in the chart below.

In 2013 Christopher Dallas was appointed Chief, as Chief Esser stepped down as Chief, but remains a member of the department.

The firefighters hold training sessions Monday evening and attend various training sessions sponsored by LTC and other institutions. The ambulance personnel hold a training session every other month, as well as attended all state-required training and recertification sessions.

The Valders Fire Department answers an average of 110 fire calls a year, and the ambulance responds to an average of 600 calls per year. The department also provides mutual aid assistance to surrounding area departments. The fire department services 36 square miles with a population of approximately 2,340. The ambulance service serves a territory equal to about 2/3rds or 220 square miles of Manitowoc County including the villages of Valders, St. Nazianz, Whitelaw and Reedsville and the towns of Maple Grove, Franklin, Rockland, Cato, Eaton, Liberty and Meeme, with a population totaling over 11,000.

The fire department has since grown to a four-truck, 30-man organization with all modern equipment. The ambulance service inaugurated in 1960 has grown to include four fully equipped ambulances with 5 full time medics and 40 paid on call medics manning the units on a 24-hour community service basis.  In 2007 the ambulance upgraded from an intermediate service to a paramedic level of service, in 2015 upgraded to a critical care level of service.

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The current officers of the Valders Fire Department are:

Chief Christopher Dallas 19 years of service
1st Assistant Chief Brandon Sy 12 years of service
2nd Assistant Chief Robert Ebert  28 years of service
1st Captain Kyle Christiansen  11 years of service
2nd Captain Jeff Tuschel   9 years of service
1st Lieutenant Dylan Hammel   6 years of service
2nd Lieutenant Dustin Hammel   5 years of service
EMS Director Christopher Dallas  19 years of service

Currently the fire station and ambulances are located at 103 Eisenhower Street. The department's equipment consists of:

Utility 30 2016 Ford F250
Engine 33 2015 Pierce Engine
Tanker 34 1997 Freightliner
Engine 35 2005 Pierce Engine
Ambulance 6 2000 Ford-Lifeline
Ambulance 7 2016 Braun
Ambulance 9 2006 Braun
Ambulance 8 2005 Ford-Med Tech

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